Fall Detection Wearable

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What is MOBLI™?

The MOBLI smartwatch with extended battery life is paired with a 24/7 Emergency Response Team and a powerful app. The app monitors falls, medications, heart rate parameters, movement, and location. Alerts are sent out to family members and/or friends immediately should a loved one send out an SOS, fall, miss a medication or experience an unusual change in heart rate.

What is FallSoft™ technology?

Most fall detection devices work using motion and force. These two metrics are not always the best way to detect falls with seniors. With FallSoft™ many different metrics including movements, vitals, computations and learning are all processed using AI to learn and better understand when a fall is actually a fall. FallSoft™ has been developed using Samsung’s high quality watch hardware and Assistance Now’s software, Application and AI to better predict and capture falls, while minimizing false alerts.

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