Fall Detection
Medical and Medication Reminders
SOS button
Vitals Monitoring
Cellular Communication (the watch is your cell phone!)
High Quality Samsung Smart Watch with Full Feature Set
And best of all, this watch doesn’t call some call center or 911. It calls your family or a professional care provider that knows you and you know them. They’ll help you determine what the best course of action is based on how you feel and your condition.

Onhand Assistance

A new Medical Wearable that is simple to use, just wear it like a regular watch on your wrist. If you fall and cannot get up, or have an emergency that requires assistance, simply press the RED button on the watch and it will alert the people on your contact list. In fact, in the case of a severe fall when you are not able to press the button, the watch has a built-in fall detection that AUTOMATICALLY reaches out to your contact list within seconds.

Wearable Product Options

There are two options for Senior Safety that include Fall Detection.

  1. Fall Detection Watch – Samsung smart watch with pattented fall detection technology.
  2. Pendant – Wearable like a necklace and includes a manual SOS button.
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