The “Little Guardian” is a device in the shape of a drop designed to provide security and tranquility both to its user and to the people who constantly monitor it from their mobile phones.

The device has an SOS help request button and allows its user to establish a direct communication of mobile telephony in urgent situations or in cases of emergency. With the GPS system it is possible to position the geographical location of the “Little Guardian”.

The “Little Guardian” allows you to be in contact with relatives as parents, children or spouses; caregivers or supervisors of people or sensitive processes; school teachers; and to alert in pressing situations. It is also possible to place it together with valuable equipment or materials when being transported.

It can be hung like a chain around the neck, put it on the belt, use it as a keychain or keep it hidden; for example, in some bag, inside a school bag or even along with boarding material.

Examples of possible users / uses of the device:

  • Children
  • Valuable property
  • Travelers
  • Administration of workers
  • Older adults
  • People with diseases that require supervision
  • Nursing homes
  • Safety people in risk areas
  • Teachers and staff in educational institutions
  • Workers specialized in industries
  • Day nurseries

Users of the device can:

Start phone calls sequentially up to 3 predefined numbers.
Automatically accept incoming calls.
Start an assistance alert and telephone call by pressing the SOS button.

Family members, guardians, supervisors and others can monitor the device through an application that is downloaded to mobile phones, either with Android or iOS technology.

With the application you can configure options for the device, such as:

Receive various notifications, including:

  • Entry or exit of established geographic areas (“geofences”)
  • Alert for having pressed the SOS button
  • Low battery
  • Lack of reception of the device
  • Pressing the SOS button automatically initiates phone calls from the Small Guardian sequentially, up to 3 predefined numbers with the mobile phone application
  • Authorization to receive incoming phone calls to the Small Guardian
  • Geographical location of the Little Guardian on a map
  • History of registered geographical positions by date and time
  • Define “geofences” where the device should be, or not be; even on days of the week and certain times and to receive alerts about it.
  • Help with GPS system to direct a vehicle to the site where the device is located.

Care Visit Pricing:

Pricing reflects monthly cost and is billed together with your monitoring plan. The costs below are discounted based on a continued monitoring service. (either Family Monitoring or Professional Monitoring)
  • Once per week - $499.99
  • Twice per week - $999.99
  • Three times per week - $1499.99
  • Five times per week - $2499.99
  • Once per month - $129.99
  • Twice per month - $269.99
If added to your monitoring plan, an assistance now representative will reach out to you in order to schedule the times of day and help in selecting the right caregiver.
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