(Optional) Room Sensor


If there’s a fall, Our Home Sensor will automatically detect it and summon help.

Works in all lighting conditions and even in steam. Simple wall or ceiling mounting for round-the-clock fall detection.

  • 100% touchless alerts
  • Multifunctional sensing: presence, in/out of bed, fall detection
  • Works in all lighting conditions & steam
  • Maintains privacy at all times
  • Mains-powered – no batteries
  • Over-the-air updates

Designed to work seamlessly with our Fall Detection Smart Watch and App.

$299.99 Per Sensor

Frequently Bought Together

Our room sensor requires WIFI to operate, we offer a bundle that includes a WIFI system below:
By selecting this bundle you are agreeing to a monthly subscription fee of $9.99 for the wireless data service.

Price for both: $599.98
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