Senior Safety Watch


Includes watch, setup and family use of application software for one year free. WIFI only (non cell) works on your home and property or wherever WIFI is available.

On-Hand Assistance is a Medical Wearable that is simple to use, just wear it like a regular watch on your wrist. If you fall and cannot get up, or have an emergency that requires assistance, simply press the RED button on the watch and it will alert the people on your contact list. In fact, in the case of a severe fall when you are not able to press the button, the watch has a built-in fall detection that AUTOMATICALLY reaches out to your contact list within seconds.

Through innovative patented smartwatch technology, seniors can now live a dignified life. With heart rate monitoring technology, SOS Distress Alert options, abrupt movement detection (which may indicate a fall), watch location history and navigation, and Safe Zones, On-Hand Assistance offers a sense of security and connection and will aid in improving quality of life for seniors.

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